It is a fact that that we are all having having trouble with our regular bath towels drying out completely since we’re all sharing the same bathroom . In order to solve this problem adding a few more towel hooks to another wall or the door would have been another solution but, since the kids will eventually have their own bathroom there should be another solution.

Luckily, the rise of the Turkish towel (pestemal) coincided with the bath towel conundrum. If you haven’t heard of the Turkish towel (pestemal); it’s actually one of those ‘what’s old is new again’ comebacks. Turkish towels have been used for centuries in Anatolian steam baths. They’re made of 100% cotton and known to be highly absorbent, lightweight and fast-drying. These properties make them ideal for bathrooms, traveling, the gym and the beach.

The other advantage of the Turkish towel is its petite size. They are thinner and smaller than your typical bath towel.You can fold them and it will be your best item during your travels. Furthermore, unlike usual bath towels, each type of Turkish towel gives you a different sense of feeling.

All of the towels are quick-drying towels offered up a superior balance of softness, absorbency, durability, and affordability, and they should last you upwards of five years with regular use. The feature of quick drying makes turkish towels (pestemal) “anti bacterial”

From social responsibility perspective; Turkish towels are eco-friendly as it consumes less water and detergent in washing.

We recommend you to replace all towels with Turkish towels and experience the unique advantages of them.

Turkish Towels are;

Well designed 100% natural without polyester
Absorbent as much as towels
Takes up less space in your bag or on your shelf
Durable to frequent washing and dries easily
Eco-friendly as it consumes less water and detergent in washing
Perfect, lightweight choice for travelling camping and backpacking. Easy to carry
Very practical for baby care. Use it after giving your baby a bath or while changing diapers or as a baby wrap
Take it to gym, yoga class, pool beach or use on your boat
It will be a perfect gift for your loved ones
It can be utilized in many businesses; hotels, leisure centres, SPAs, pools, GYM, sport and massage facilities
It will make excellent accessories for your home, use it as a throw, a table cloth or picnic blanket
It is a practical alternative to the towel at home in your bathroom